10 Ways to Save on Hotels

Whenever you are planning for the perfect vacation getaway, your budget can turn out to be a big hurdle between you and your dream destination. Hotel bills can potentially exhaust all your vacation funds and ruin all the desired fun. To manage expenses effectively and maximize the fun out of your vacations, consider the following … [Read more…]

Malaga Sightseeing

Malaga, one of the most inspiring cities in Spain, lies on the Costa del Sol along the Mediterranean. The city is located 270 km south of Alicante. With many impressive sights, the city draws the attention of a number of tourists each year. Some popular museums, cathedrals, museums, and churches have made it an amazing … [Read more…]

Food You Should Not Eat Before Travelling

Most of us have travel plans for the summers. One could be paying a visit to family and friends or simply going for a vacation. While air travel is preferred as the most convenient medium for travelling, preventing jet bloat is essential to keep off increased gas volumes in the body resulting from travelling at … [Read more…]

Málaga Airport

Overview Málaga Airport, officially known as the Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport (IATA Code: AGP) is considered the fourth busiest airport in the country of Spain. Three terminals are located on the property to accommodate the 12 million passengers that pass through each year. In addition to providing a connection to many European destinations, the Málaga … [Read more…]


Overview Sweden, although classified as one of the largest countries in the European Union, also happens to have the lowest population. Sweden is perhaps most well-known for its history of Vikings but today is one of the most popular tourism destinations for Northern Europeans seeking the best in vacation options, locations, and opportunities. Brief History … [Read more…]

Attractions in Murcia

Home to some of the most sought after tourist havens in Europe and the world around, your trip to Murcia must not begin without plans for the following places. Real Casino de Murcia Dating back to the 19th century, located in the cultural hub near the Cathedral, and based on the architectural genius of the … [Read more…]