Food You Should Not Eat Before Travelling

essen_und_trinkenMost of us have travel plans for the summers. One could be paying a visit to family and friends or simply going for a vacation. While air travel is preferred as the most convenient medium for travelling, preventing jet bloat is essential to keep off increased gas volumes in the body resulting from travelling at higher altitudes. A little attention to what you eat before travelling can ease off your worries! Check out the list of foods you should not eat before travelling, and make things easier for yourself during your journeys.

Fried Foods

Fried foods such as French fries and cheeseburgers are a tempting attraction for most travelers. Quick and easy to grab, these fast foods have fat and oil that can cause heartburn and an uncomfortable flight. As these are hard to digest items, and at a high altitude our body’s ability to process foods that are high in sodium and fat decreases, consumptions of fried foods can result in bloating. It may even cause swelled feet due to retained fluids.


Kein AlkoholDo you think alcohol would calm your nerves? Well having alcohol before travel could only result in bloating and perhaps, bad breath. The better alternate to keep off dehydration is having herbal tea or a smoothie.

Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated drinks, also known as soft drinks or fizzy drinks contain carbonated gas and hence, are known for causing a lot of gas and heart burn. This is one feeling you would definitely want to avoid during the flight. To avoid encountering such discomfort while travelling, go for herbal tea or cold water.

Spicy Food

pfeffer_gewuerzeWhen traveling, one should opt for light and simple food. Spicy food would cause bladder irritation, an upset stomach, bad breath, and a burning mouth. If you crave those spicy treats, wait till you land at your desired destination to have them. Be kind to your neighbors and don’t have hot peppers no matter what.

Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners like chewing gums and candies may aid your ears to pop. But firstly, they are not good for your teeth and then, constant chewing can build up on the air in your body and cause gas and bloating.

Making quality decisions in time would help your enjoy your journey and cherish each travelling experience. Just remember the above mentioned foods and avoid them prior to travelling. Eat right and have happy journeys!