Malaga Sightseeing

Malaga, one of the most inspiring cities in Spain, lies on the Costa del Sol along the Mediterranean. The city is located 270 km south of Alicante. With many impressive sights, the city draws the attention of a number of tourists each year. Some popular museums, cathedrals, museums, and churches have made it an amazing travelling spot of tourists as well as locals.

Malaga Alcazaba

Alcazaba, one of the best reserves, is located at the centre of the city. The name of the fortress, Alcazaba, translated as citadel in English, honors the roman structure. It was built by King Badis of the Zirid Dynasty in 1040 so that the royal family could seek protection from invaders. The fortress is situated at the highest point and is known for its extra-ordinary gardens and wide views of the city and sea. Tourists enjoy two architectural pieces while visiting the fortress; one is Alcabaza and the other is Gibralfaro castle.

Malaga Cathedral

Malaga Cathedral, also known as Cathedral de la Encarnación, was planned by Diego de Siloe in 16th – 18th century and is unfinished. Since the right tower and façade is incomplete, the cathedral is called ‘La Manguita’ – the one-armed woman. It stretches up to 115 meters. Since the construction remained unfinished, the cathedral has three different structural architectures. The central and top is Renaissance, interior is Gothic, and the tower and openings are Baroque. The church’s ceiling has 23 domes, a unique feature that no other church in Spain possesses. Visitors would surely not want to miss such a historic church on their trip to Malaga.

Picasso Museum

picasso-museum-malagaPicasso Casa Natal Museum was built to honor Pablo Picasso, who was born in 1881 in Malaga at Plaza de la Merced. Being the most influential artist of the 20th century, he always wanted to exhibit his paintings in Malaya, his native city. After he died, his family decided to build a museum in Malaga in memory of Pablo where they could display his paintings. The museum is located in the Palace of Condes de Buenavista and contains more than 200 of Pablo’s paintings.

Plaza de Toros de La Malagueta

In 1874, Joaquín Rucoba, a Spanish architect built this beautiful bullring which is presently owned by Fernando Puche Doña, an ex-president of Malaga Football Club. The stadium is one of the prominent cultural assets of the country with Neomudejar style building forming a 16-sided hex decagon. It offers capacity for 14,000 spectators, enclosures for bulls, and training grounds and enclosures for horses.